Ann McCormick Scott

Jane Swanson Sanderson

. . .We peeked in your past life and under your egos

But if we still haven't surveyed you out

We'll hit our computers and overcome doubt.

 (Ruthlessly stolen from "Has Anyone Seen the Queen of Hearts?"   from ROYAL FLUSH)

We do Reunion Record Book surveys as we did college papers and exams. There were the earnest and early followed by the steady and timely.  A final flurry was expensively assisted by Federal Express.  Two New England women know whose late submissions appeared December 5th and 6th.   One stressed participant observed:  “This feels just like the dorm before finals: everybody running to make coffee and sweating the time and comparing notes.”

But the surveys are now in hand by electronic magic or otherwise. One hundred two classmates checked the short-answer “Snapshot” by hand, while 155 invincibles clicked choices on-line, where 123 also tapped in their “Portrait” essays for Survey Part Two.  From the combined sources, it is no surprise that most praised the role of marriage, children, grandchildren, and friends in our lives. Half will celebrate wedding anniversaries of 45 years or more in 2008. In that same happy vein, many of us (79%) consider our health good. Less expected was a bloc of almost the same size (78%) who thought the Iraq War was wrong from the start, one unsparing soul adding:  “But that’s from hindsight.”

And is there momentum from the final question?  From a list of 15, a certain Wellesley graduate was named by 39% of us as the person we expect or would like to vote for in November 2008.  A Harvard Law product trailed in second with 15%.  We should mention two or three fervent write-ins for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Thank you for sharing your impressions, opinions, and memories with us. We wish every word could be in the final tome, but familiar constraints of size and money require selection.  Still we hope you find the essays on our mothers as moving as we did, and that you’ll shake your fist at what enrages us.  Your work contributes to a unique Reunion Record Book and will make our gathering in June the best ever.

 Ann McCormick Scott   and  Jane Swanson Sanderson
Reunion Book Anonymous Questionnaire,  Co-Chairs